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Revolving Doors

We specialize in the installation of energy efficient state of the art revolving door entrances. We take pride in each of our projects from planning and design to substancial completion. Meeting ANSI A156.27 standards and with 30 years of experience our Aaadm certified professionals guarentee customer satisfaction.


Sustainable architectural appeal and the ability to move vast pedestrian traffic safely  revolving doors can save up to eight times in energy costs.  Improve your buildings energy efficiency by regulating temperature air pressure and preventing noise pollution.


Make an impression with your buildings entrance. Customize your revolving door with a variety of function design and aesthetic finish options to match any building facade.



Manual Revolving Door

  • Economical & low-energy
  • Manually operated control options
  • Overhead or floor-mounted drives
  • Customizable design

Automatic Revolving Door

  • Energy efficient
  • Smooth traffic flow
  • Adjustable speed control & safety sensors
  • Flexible design options

Revolving Door Design & Function

Revolving Door Parts & Accessories




  • Weather stripping sets
  • Pushbars
  • Speed control
  • Full height/optical turnstiles
  • Restricted access panel
  • Manual floor/ceiling locks
  • Access gates
  • Pivot pin & bearing sets
  • Entry point sensors
  • Rehabilitation kits
  • Door hangers
  • Lock assemblies
  • Shaft assembly
  • Bumpers and cables
  • Wing assembly with options
  • Standard & custom disc sets
  • Replacement parts & misc
  • Glass center showcase display
  • Glass ceiling
  • One way traffic
  • LED ceiling lighting
  • Metal or painted finishes
  • Exterior night locking
  • Security lockdown
  • Remote locking
  • Access control option
  • Variety of aesthetic finishes
  • Fully welded
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Overhead/floor mounted drive
  • Quarterpoint positioning
  • Mid post/throat opening connections
  • Standard/angled keyhole connections
  • Segmented or round drum

Our Revolving Doors

  • ANSI A156.27 standard
  • Energy savings
  • Safe comfortable pedestrian traffic flow
  • Prevent drafts via airlock
  • Building climate control
  • Air filtration energy savings
  • Power assist
  • Hands free rotation
  • "Always open, always closed"
  • Cold climate entrance solution

All Glass Elegance

Modern elegant design with concealed overhead drive provides aesthetic appeal and solid structure with light frame. Center display & lighting options available

Security Revolving Door

  • Restricted access & brake system
  • One way traffic control
  • Reverse ability to permit exit
  • Turnstiles available

Standard Classic Model

  • Energy efficient & customizable
  • Smooth traffic flow
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Available with 3 or 4 wings

Multi Purpose

  • Switch from automatic sliding to revolving function
  • Two automatic or swinging doors
  • Maximum capacity pedestrian & equipment flow
  • Various finish options available
  • Absence of a central column
  • Slender aluminum profile
  • Strong steel drum wall profiles
  • Glass ceiling covers

Energy Generating NRG+

  • First ever energy generating revolving door
  • Generator allows energy applied turn into electricity
  • Power low energy ceiling lights
  • Emergency egress and variety of design options

Unique Twin Revolver

  • Two or more linked revolving doors
  • Straight line access & spacious entry
  • Synchronized door wing movement
  • Control the direction of traffic flow
  • Capacity of up to 2x80 people per minute (ppm)
  • Accommodates carts or hospital beds
  • Incorporate 2 automatic or swinging doors
  • Showcase display options

Large Diameter

Small Light Frame

High Capacity

  • Spacious comfortable access
  • Large amount of people
  • Up to 7.4 m with 2, 3 or 4 wings
  • Breakout & windbrake functions
  • Aesthetic for tower support column

Revolving Door Services

  • Preventative Maintenance packages
  • Installation Estimate
  • Service & Repair
  • Order Parts


Revolving Door Services

  • Preventative Maintenance packages
  • Specifications & Manuals
  • Installation Estimate
  • Service & Repair
  • Place an Order


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