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Professional installation and service of commercial automatic doors.  We provide highly trained certified technicians to improve or replace your automatic storefront needs.


Sliding door systems provide energy efficient effortless pedestrian traffic access to your retail or business storefront. Helping to reduce fluctuation in air temperature and safe touchless pedestrian traffic flow, automatic door operators provide low cost environmentally friendly entrance with a modern aesthetic appeal.


Customize your automatic door with several design functions from all-glass elegance to hermetic air tight sealed entrance systems. Add convience and style to your business storefront with a multitude of our automatic door models available.



Automatic Sliding Door

  • Automatic low energy
  • Organize high traffic flow
  • Interior and exterior entry ways

Automatic Swing Door

  • Low energy silent operators
  • Push/pull automated assistance
  • Variety of wing opening options

Automatic Door Design & Function

Automatic Door Parts & Accessories

Our Automatic Doors




  • Operators
  • Dashboard
  • LCD screen
  • Card readers
  • Passcode entry
  • Fingerprint access
  • Surface mount sensors
  • Air locking functions
  • Access control
  • Key badge video or biometric access control
  • Emergency lock down closure
  • Base and height size options
  • Glass type options
  •  700 – 2000 mm / 1100 – 3000 mm
  • Variety of operators available
  • Concave, convex & circular
  • Self controlled barriers
  • Controlled access
  • Variety of finish & glazing
  • Open/closing speed options
  • Active anti jamming sensor
  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • Anodized colouring
  • Stainless steel or glass finish
  • Movement delay adjust
  • Aluminum door mat systems
  • Carpet and/or rubber matting
  • Fire and smoke sensors
  • Emergency rescue escape routes
  • Corrosion free and waterproof
  • All glass
  • Durable and low energy

Linear Sliding Door

  • Classic lightweight model
  • Manual or automatic operator
  • Variety of wing and opening options
  • Manual systems available

Telescopic Door

  • Large opening for limited structural entry space
  • Low profile width & provides light penetration
  • 2 wing with left or right opening options
  • Four wing option with center opening

Curved Door

  • Curved facade variety of finish options
  • Large entry with aesthetic appeal
  • Concave convex & circular design
  • 2 wing or single wing options

Anti Panic Door

  • Safety automation sensors
  • Emergency exit high traffic evacuation
  • Four wing opening one direction
  • Single or 2 wing door anti-panic opening
  • Durable and secure all glass design
  • Glass door wings
  • No visual external fixing points
  • Architectural aesthetic design

Swing Door

  • Push/pull automatic assistance
  • Operator surface or door mounting
  • Guide rail or arm rod opening
  • Reverse opening options

Hermetic Door

  • Air tight door sealing with security options
  • No contact sterile ambient entrance
  • Opening and closing mechanism options
  • Single sliding wing

Angular Sliding Door

All Glass

  • Provides optical emphasis to modern entrance
  • Angular sliding doors with corner center opening
  • Interior or exterior angle direction
  • Additional function and options available


Automatic Door Services

  • Preventative Maintenance packages
  • Specifications & Manuals
  • Installation Estimate
  • Service & Repair
  • Place an Order


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